What is your advice on raising my score in a short time frame?

Okay, the score my mortgage broker pulled is a 587. The following are the accounts on my report and their status:
Auto Loan opened 9/06 $ 0 PD was 30 (10/06)
*I called Friday, and the lender agreed we were never late on a single payment and was going to send me confirmation in the mail
Medical Collection opened 7/03 $ 395 last reported 4/08
*I called and offered payment in full in exchange for deletion of this record. The supervisor said he couldn’t do that because it would be a violation of HIPAA guidelines, and he could only post the account as paid in full. After talking to him, I pulled my Transunion report and under this debt, it says “estimated date of removal 3/09” *I’m just not sure how accurate that is, or if TU can decide to remove it at a later time
Credit Protection Assoc (Hollywood Video account) $ 166 collection. Opened 10/02 Last reported 2/03.
*This has an estimated date of removal of 6/09, and I have not called to see if they would delete in exchange for payment
The last item is an unsatisfied IRS tax lien. I have sent a request for payoff calculation since I won’t be able to get a loan until it is satisfied, even though I have been making monthly payments.
Please advise what is the best action to take on all of these items. I need to raise my score 33 points ASAP.

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