What is wrong with this program C programming?

#define TAX_RATE 1.25
#define UTILITY_COST 300.0
#define INSURANCE_COST 550.0

void input(float*, float*, float*);
void calc(float, float, float, float*, float*, float, float*, float);
float calcDplomo(float, float, float, float, float, float);
void output(float, float, float, float, float, float, float, float);

int main(void)


float sellp;
float anir;
float loand;
float downp;
float amtl;
float mortg;
float propt;
float mtot;

input(&sellp, &anir, &loand);

calc(sellp, anir, loand, &downp, &amtl, mortg, &propt, mtot);

output(sellp, anir, loand, downp, amtl, mortg, propt, mtot);


return 0;

void input(float* sellp, float* anir, float* loand)


printf(“\n\t\t Brian’s Mortgage Calculation Program\n”);

printf(“\nEnter the property’s selling price: \n”);

printf(“\nEnter the annual rate of interest: \n”);

printf(“\nEnter the duration (years) of the loan: \n”);


void calc(float sellp, float anir, float loand, float* downp, float* amtl, float mortg, float* propt, float mtot)

*propt = sellp * (TAX_RATE/100)/12;
mtot = mortg + UTILITY_COST + *propt + INSURANCE_COST;
calcDplomo(sellp, anir, loand, downp, amtl, mortg);


float calcDplomo(float sellp, float anir, float loand, float downp, float amtl, float mortg)
float cdown = .2;
downp = sellp * cdown;
amtl = sellp – downp;
mortg = amtl * anir/12*(1+anir/12) * loand *12/(1+anir/12) * loand *12-1;

return mortg;

void output(float sellp, float anir, float loand, float downp, float amtl, float mortg, float propt, float mtot)

printf(“\nMONTHLY COST OF HOUSE\n”);

printf(“\nSELLING PRICE $ %9.2f”,sellp);
printf(“\nDOWN PAYMENT %9.2f”,downp);
printf(“\nAMOUNT OF LOAN %9.2f”,amtl);
printf(“\nINTEREST RATE %9.1f%%”,anir);
printf(“\nTAX RATE %9.1f%%”,TAX_RATE);
printf(“\nDURATION OF LOAN (YEARS) %9.0f\n”,loand);

printf(“\nMONTHLY PAYMENT\n”);

printf(“\nMORTGAGE %9.2f”,mortg);
printf(“\nUTILITIES %9.2f”,UTILITY_COST);
printf(“\nPROPERTY TAXES %9.2f”,propt);
printf(“\nUTILITIES %9.2f\n”,INSURANCE_COST);

printf(” __________”);
printf(” $ %9.2f\n”,mtot);



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