What is wrong with Chase lately?

People are starting to mock me and yesterday my friend gave me a v.mail say they went to Dominick and got into a fight with people to hunt and shot at them and tru bank records and found image by me .. . “Ha ha” very lustigIdonno maybe its just me, perhaps in the nature of the super paranoid, but since the beginning of 09, things Ive done to my hatte.OK as I first start a $ 20 monthly fee, the floor is loaded and the guy is like oh ya thats because ur u to 15,000 calls per month .. thats how u avoid the fee “mam” ok im 21 and I have like 1700 in my acc … I was like a bull, I turned to Trump? Oh, and the guy said in his contract. What contract? I have not given me a contract and a brochure i credit card if I applied to Dominick’s. I never got charged 20 dollars and it was not in my 16-page booklet, I sent a letter was not warned me that “Hey maybe you go under!” nothing! And this fruit refused to give me my money was back.He as “Well, I can go to base” … I had WFT b4? The next day I called and talked to this girl and she was like oh no problem, the fix immediately, but I wanted to know who is my basic research by unrealistic? She was like “I can not make information” Y? wtf to steal, then they’re like “oh did u? sorry heres ur money anyway, something very strange happened last month i deposited a check for $ 220 with 2 new controls and a few days later in my line Locate and there is this payment of $ 200, says it, because an error ATM. Ok, I finally thought I saw and benefit! but I noticed that the check was never deposited more than $ 220. I call and they transferred me to 50 different people and made me repeat my story at least 8 times. and say: “if ur missing 220 and id say no, 20.What was missing so funny is that they were like well it was a mistake I was denied several info.Who Was it me Are u Way? I only have 200? Where’s my check? I have my 20 dollars back and not a word was said about it. This test has been told by my mother and she went to the bank and the lady oh she cashed in 18 … What the! ok so I called today and asked what their policy is on the demand of a fees.Ok first loan “fee refunded only if you do not u guys approved.Second” are not refundable. The Third Guy fee is 100, if you have a Chase bank and 400 for not chasing customers “Then I got to the powerless people of the country to a machine that said “this call can not be completed” All I wanted was to contain information on paper and none of these people tell me where I can watch and go, their policy.I seen the site and found nothing! If you have not written in stone, because they are charged people? Id ask So when a customer paid in and applied for and received $ 400, what then? “Ya” is what this guy told me … “Ya” … sorry for grammar im so excited

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