What is the unit of qualification for the homeless, VA weigh?

Here’s my situation. I am a student of nineteen years who is seeking federal financial aid (Stafford loans, technically) in my last year of college, which has already required to file a FAFSA alanud.Mul (Free Application federal of Student Aid). I recently left my parents’ house because they are too violent and controlling and manipulating life for your children. Unfortunately, the FAFSA requires tax parental and personal information (usually including the SSN), if a student can show that they are beyond the control of the selection list. I do have the option of age – I’m only nineteen and should be 2003, I think it’s pretty ridiculous, because technically it is the legal age that täiskasvanu.Kuid … the idea of ​​homelessness. Be homeless or at risk of homelessness is one of the options listed, you can allow me to complete the FAFSA without informing their parents. Since coming home from my parents, I lived with my fiance and his family. However, they are almost constantly on the verge of losing their homes because the mortgage payments, so I can really lose the house and without warning üldse.Et add this too, although I’m not sure if that counts .. . During the current academic year, and I live in a dorm, but I highly doubt that what counts as having been “home”. Can anyone advise me on what the current laws of the State of Virginia are the homeless? What is needed is a risk of being homeless or homeless? Explanations appropriate links or info would be appreciated.

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