What is the real reason some republicans oppose universal health care?

I can see why some people would like a 2 tear system were if you can pay to go to a private clinic then go. I don’t see how you can expect someone with lots of money to not go to a private clinic if they can afford it.

On the other hand I think it is a bit extreme that we let someone die of cancer or some other disease for no fault of their own.

We let illegal immigrants come here and use our health system for free and they don’t pay taxes yet someone who works hard but can’t find affordable insurance should die, seems kind of silly. Insurance rates would go down for everyone if everyone pays. I’m in Canada right now, and its not all that hell on earth.

Are the wait times long, yes, but its better than death. However the real reason our wait times our long is because we have a new suburb of 100,000 people poppping up everywhere yet no one is building hospitals. Only 1 new hospitals has been build in the toronto area in the last 30 or so years and the population has about doubled maybe even tripled when you count all the illegal Chinese here.

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