What is the maximum sentence someone can get if they forged your signature on a mortgage loan application?

This person pretended to be me, using my social Sec. # , and forged my signature to take out mortgage loans totaling thousands of dollars. They have access to ONE– the ONLY one I have ever had- credit card account, as well. This cc has $ 2500 limit, but these scums have been able to “block” me by calling the credit card company, pretending to be me, and signing up for the Privacy Protection. Then, they gave specific instructions to block me (the real customer) out-because they have all of my information. I am sending out a warning to these thieves as well—-I am not a criminal-never have been–but I stop at nothing and will do everything in my power in my lifetime to ensure those involved are locked up for life-and if you can only be locked up for 20-25 years for this, I will make sure you will be brought to justice when you get out in the community, as well. I believe that, by bringing you to justice, you will have life in prison at the very least. No anger anymore, but justice must be served. Message to the hacker/crook and stalker pretending to be me– Get used to life in hell-cement walls at the lockdown–you are done. We have got you.

It’s a signature loan for less than $ 10k, I live in MD, and the company says it can foreclose my property in 30 days.

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