what is the largest, most informative, and active credit repair online forum?

And thanks spammer, but I dont want to work from home, follow some sketchy job search site (I’m happy with the one that I am using) and nor do I want to buy some cheap knockoff nikes. so dont spam
i’m only interested in *FREE* online forums. I dont want to have to pay a fee
@Doctor Deth,
your “answer” is more in line with chat/spam it did*not* answer my question nor was it helpful in anyway to helping me find a credit repaid forum. and as an FYI i wanted to find a credit repair forum because its a great way for people with bad credit to connect and share tips with one another on how to be more credit savvy in the future and which financial institution are willing to work with those with bad credit without taking advantage of them.
* credit repair forums help you learn to better deal with collection and help you dispute *unfair* entries as well.

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