What is the interest rates for high credit ratings and differences in the rates?

If we rate. Credit Score If the 780th final interest rate they quote you lower than that advertising on their site? I consider using a mortgage broker, but their prices seem higher than the Bank + the cost seems high. If the rate is what they advertise, I could not directly to the bank immediately and put my time. The mortgage broker appears above things, and probably have better information on closures, etc., that their argument is, if the interest rate is higher than the competitor, I am reluctant to go with him because it is my credit rating took when I ask. In other words: Money Money is a little 60K 0.25% may be the same over the term of the loan. Something that the investment returns generated for me sitting konnte.Im general what is the difference in prime / A credit rating? If the announced prices or interest rates that average values? Thank you in advance
@ Prime rate + 1%. The loan is a loan without interest only, we will be blocked 100% intention of selling our house and move before the three years to have is a line of credit second mortgage, anyone out there with banks Lending knowledge not care to use this type of short-term loan for a down payment? They have a $ 300 (advance) fee if the loan with us in the first three years late, but I think that perhaps the worst of our concerns? . Thank you for your help and response time here:)

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