What is the deal with the debt reduction programs where you do not have to consolidate or take a new loan?

I mean, c’mon – how can your company combine and reduce my debt by over half, without filing bankrupt? Whats the deal? And you say my credit rating will not be hurt? What about all the debt I have from buying that ocean front property in Colorado?
yeah yeah…the companies and their websites are always vague about what they actually do…a link to one of the services does not answer the question of how they can take my debt and reduce it with generally no strings or addtional debt.
I am not in touble with debt, I just find it ironic that us, as a society, have gone to the extent of overburdening credit debt and then finding ways to eliminate the responsibility for ones own actions. I feel like I could have a free pass to get whatever materialistic things I want and then never have to repay. Is this the beginnings of a new socialistic society? A trial of materialistic communism? The whole idea of wasteful materialism sanctioned by the government sickens me.

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