What is the cheapest way to get divorced in tennessee?

Okay, so my husband is a douche. I want a divorce, I left him over a year ago and have no idea where he moved or had any contact. When I moved out I notified my apartment complex that I was leaving and that he was the one in the apartment that we both signed the lease on for a year. He left one month before the lease was up costing me over 2k in debt that I now have on my credit report even though I wasn’t living there. I cannot pay it.

I live outside of the county we were married in. Can I file my own divorce papers? and how do I go about divorcing him if I can’t reach him to serve him the papers? If he doesn’t respond and I put all of the debt from the broken lease on him and he defaults does that mean he absolutely has to take that responsibility or will I still be screwed for it?

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