What is the best website for doing taxes and how thorough are they?

I have always done my taxes through a tax preparer and this year I’m considering giving it a shot myself. I have a couple of questions that I need to get answered before I can actually proceed without hesitation in doing them online though.

I am a over the road truck driver and didn’t claim my per diem on a weekly basis, like most drivers do, so that I would get a larger refund at the end of the year. Is the online software going to have a section built in for me to enter my per diem in?

I am a home owner. How easy is it to input your property tax information and get refunded on that?

Will I have to worry that I’m not going to get as large of a refund without taking them to someone? Are these programs thorough so that I don’t end up hurting myself by trying to save money by using one?

Which online site should I use? Which one is the least expensive, but still most thorough?

My last question is a little off base from the rest of this. I bought my house last year. This year I had a friend that purchased a house. My friend told me that they are getting back something like 10% (not sure if that’s the correct number) of the purchase price of their house on their taxes as a first time home buyer’s credit. I was a first time home buyer last year and my tax preparer didn’t add that credit in. He never asked me about it. Is there any way that I would still be eligible to receive that credit from last year on this year’s taxes since I was unaware of it?

Thanks for all your help in advance!!

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