what is the best way to shop around for a home loan?

we are buying a new home in orange county ca, & we have just 1 month to close & this is the first time for us..the builder is willing to give 20k incentives if i go with his lender ,but he is giving a higher interest rate..Does any body know of a good mortgage brokers in the orange county ,ca area

I live in CT and would like to purchase a house soon since it’s the market for buyer but I only work part time since I’m attending school. I do have good credit though, in the 700 ranges. about 1400 credit cards bills left to pay off. I don’t know if this is great enough to qualify us for a good rate. My husband has great credit and his income is not bad, but he’s not make six figures. Please help, what is the best step to take on this? Thanks in advance.

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