What is the best way to get a mortgage?

Please no scammers answer this question. I’ve gotten answers before trying to get me to contact some random person I’m quite sure is not a reputable mortgage broker.

I am renting right now, have been renting for three years, and have never been late on a payment. I pay all my utilities on time, cell phone, electric, etc. I am a full time law student, and also work, but I just started a job since the ABA won’t allow first year students to work.

Long story short, I make about $ 2500/month, but I am a 1099 independent contractor. However, I receive pay stubs from my job, so I have verifiable income history. I’m looking to get out of my apartment because my landlord has had a history of not paying water and sewer, not paying his mortgage, etc, and now he wants to move to a month to month lease and sell the building. I would have a hard time finding someplace that would allow me to have three dogs(labs), so I would like to buy a house.

I’m looking at something very inexpensive, like $ 50,000 or less, something I can do a little work to, that would be a house I can live in for like 5 years until I graduate law school and can pay down my student loans.

What do I need to do to get a mortgage? I’ve never filed taxes before, and won’t be doing so until 2009 because I’ve been a student. I’ve read about programs that would allow me to get a letter from my landlord and utility companies stating that I’ve made my payments on time and use that to help me get a loan, but basically I’m at a loss.

My parents and grandparents are willing to cosign, but my parents have crappy credit and a good income, and my grandmother has little income and pristine credit, so I don’t know if either one of them would help me.

Any ideas?

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