What is the best way to get a lower mobile home payment?

We’ve been living her for 4 years now. Always made our payments on time. The mortgage company we have doesn’t refinance mobile homes. We’ve looked into other companies, but unless you have brick underpinning they won’t do anything for you. I’ve tried selling this place but no real estate agent will talk to me because it’s so hard to sell a mobile home. When we bought this place, the company said we could always refinance in a few years to get a lower payment. They weren’t willing to do brick underpinning because it wasn’t within the loan amount, and we got the least expensive home on there lot. I admit we had bad credit at the time, but our credit has improved considerable since buying this home. We have 3 kids and one on the way and it’s only a 3 bedroom home. I want to add on to this home or find a home that we can afford and is bigger. What do you suggest?

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