What is the best way to consolidate my debt? I have a mortgage and want to refinance,add my debt to new loan?

I have a $ 530,000 all-interest mortgage loan. I am interested in refinancing soon, (if it is a good time to do so?) Should I refinance and add my $ 15,000 of personal debt to my new loan? Or should I get a personal loan for $ 15,000 from my bank?

I was watching a tv show on HGTV about people buying their first houses, and one of the families couldn’t get a decent mortgage amount because they had credit card debt. Is that just because the credit card debt affected their credit in general? If someone has student loan debt can they still get a mortgage as long as they are meeting at least the minimum payments?
Pretend you are talking to a 12 year old. I have no financial experience yet. 😛

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