What is the best way to apply for a student loan and a pell grant?

Okay, for this semester, I’m moving out of my parents house and into my boyfriend’s house. It’s technically his brother’s place so I have to pay rent. My parents are okay with me moving out but they say that I have to pay for the car note and the insurance on the car as well as upkeep, gas, cigarettes, groceries, books, etc. for school. My job currently doesn’t pay me enough to be able to pay for rent and paying my car payment, insurance, and cell phone bill. I plan on taking out a student loan and I was wondering how much I should take out. I’m also going to apply for a pell grant to help out as well. Roughly a month, I’m gonna owe 900 dollars. My mom is letting me pay her 500 a month to pay for my things at the house since the car, insurance, and cell phone bill is in my parents’ name. My rent is gonna be 375 or 400 a month. I have to keep in mind that I need money for every day expenses such as cell phone, gas, car upkeep, and text books for school. Anyone that is good with money, can you help me out and help me figure out how much of a loan I need to apply for? It’ll be a student loan. Any information would be greatly appreciated. My hours have been cut back significantly since the Christmas season is over. Can anyone else?
And I’m not looking for a new job at the moment because they are impossible to sign. I have a really good job and it pays very well. But it’s only enough every two weeks to pay for the bills at home (I.E. car note which is 227 a month and insurance which is roughly 100 a month. Also, my cell phone bill is expensive. It runs over 100 dollars too. My mom gave me a bottom line price and I plan to just write her out a check for the balance every month for it. The good thing is I get paid every two weeks and it’s direct deposit.)

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