What is the best place to go for advice and mortgage information?

I just want to find basic information on getting a mortgage, refinance, home loans, Fannie Mae, etc.? Is there a place like a mortgageguidance.info? Site or what? FHA? South Bay?
If this is an opportunity or not? The facts are there: my AVG. FICA is 715, making about 85K p / year @ the same job for 12 years (teaching) and have invested over 30K, taken as a deposit and 20K in property is a duplex in the bar area of ​​Los Angeles ( South Bay), I have already put $ 3000 as security conditions are set at 5% down; The loan option is a 85/15. Tthe interest on the loan is 7% in the spotlight (85% interest only for first 5 years) specified, and 10.75% for small loans (15% of its jumbo loans). I just heard today about more than stats what was suspected: maket people over late mortgage payments and a global stock frightened by them. Countrywide. WaMu and other troubled financial institutions. I know it will be difficult to obtain better loan terms, but I do not want to miss the opportunity to gehen.Ist it better to wait a few mos. untiI the storm has passed, or do I have with what I have to play the hand? (First home buyer time) Thank you for your advice. = 0)

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