What is the best mortgage interest rates in Northern Virginia, I get this time?

My offer was accepted only a townhouse. Now I want to know who offers the best interest for me. My average credit score is 700 – the choice and I’m looking koju.Tänu a 30-year fixed rate loan FHA 150000!
Ok, looks like my last post is still excluded from some important details of the guys gave me the exact nõu.Mul 6.625% and 1% 1% point reduction in assembly costs 30YR fixed using a VHDA loan program . (Http: / / www.vhda.com/vhda_com/Template_app.asp?VHDA_COM_PAGE_NAME=currentrates) This is generally considered good or bad? If wrong, please, why you think it’s bad and what do you think I could get a better rate would …- It’s a joint statement, and both our credit scores in the middle of the 700th .- low debt relative to income, we do not leave without money (zero-down)-There assocatied mortgage insurance (PMI)-We use the builder’s lender a nice incentive: 10k towards the Abolition, and 1% origination Fee.-place is the Northern Virginia-The loan amount is $ 365kSee is our first house arranged for the purchase and the only one we purchase in the Bank of America and EBM is not better and does not include an incentive Nice.

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