What is it like to live on an army base/be an army wife?

My husband just enlisted for the army. He doesn’t leave for boot camp until after the first of the year. Will I receive BAH while he is training? We have one child and another on the way. l If army wives or anyone else enlisted could help me figure out this stuff I’d really appreciate it!

What is the insurance like? and which is best Tricare Premium or Tricare standard? Does it cost more to have one or the other?

Can you decorate the outside of your house for the holidays?

Are the houses nice and you can paint them?

Typically how long do you live in one place?

When can you apply to live on base?

Is child care free on base?

Is the commencery really 30% cheaper than other retail chains?

Do you get discount auto insurance?

Wow, I know that is a lof of questions! If anyone can help me, please let me know. I feel like my husbands recruiter sugar coats everything and will not make anything seem like a bad situation. I have read a lot of things saying live off base if you can? Does anyone agree with this?

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