What is best way to advertise via pay-per-click. I am very new to this?

All I am trying to do is advertise for those who are interested in working from home with my health care and dental plan company. I don’t really like to be a pushy salesperson and would like to invest some money in pay-per-click advertising where a person can go to my website and check it out, see if they like it and see if they have $ 70 to invest into starting their at-home company with my company. I don’t like to “trick” people and spam their email accounts and bother people who really aren’t serious about an opportunity so it was my idea to send advertise via pay-per-click where I would target stay-at-home-parents, as many are interested in working from home, and create something catchy like “If you have $ 70 to invest, you can work for yourself”..I know that’s not a great line, but something along those lines. Can someone tell me how I should go about the whole pay-per-click thing. I only have $ 200 to work with at the moment and some of that money is going to go to “leads”..sites where I purchase what are advertised as high quality leads and I am going to try them out and see which site sells best leads, as I know many are dead ends. Thanks for all of your advice! 🙂


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