What is a creative way to get a loan if you are not working?

I am a full time student to share a house (currently renting, but the purchase agreement) with a significant other who is in the army. This other person has bad credit because of a bad marriage where the spouse is a spendthrift. I have perfect credit, but can not buy the house without having proof of financial stability, you have worked, so my boyfriend pays his half of the rent / mortgage to utilities, etc. .. The only way I was told that I can do is to buy this house have a co-signer or a well paid job full time, that the mortgage would be my only on the financial resources to pay haben.Ich had planned to allow access to a religious organization on the first floor and get on base as required … to help as an alternative to a shelter or to someone in need. As a final alternative, I wonder if it is a good testimony to the cooperation with their own church as co-owner (which, in turn, proof of income) be? Help

Bank Building and the New England Capital Church

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