What if my mortgage was never filed in the county where I live?

My loan was refinance with Countrywide in ’05. It has been assumed by Bank Of America.
I started trying to refinance my home and found out during the process that the new mortgage was never recorded.
I’ve been told by several sources to make Bank Of America produce a copy before I continue to pay. (I’ve kept paying due to the fact that I don’t want to loose my 800+ credit rating.) They have not been able to do so. It’s been two months now and all they can provide to me is a MERS electronic filing #. My county does not have the capability to accept them. (The title company that was used is no longer in business for them to retrieve the original paperwork from) I’ve gone so far as to contact the CEO and have still gotten nowhere. I just want them to do the right thing for the best interests of both parties involved.
I’ve been told that if I quit making payments and let them start the foreclosure process then they just MIGHT get it filed and rectify the mistake. Would an attorney be able to do anything more that what I’ve already done? Do I have the option to sue? What can I do? I do not want to screw up my credit rating to try to get them to do only what behooves them nor do I want to spend thousands of dollars with an attorney with no guarantee that this can be done. HELP!!

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