What if my boss doesn’t have flood damage?

My fiance and I live in NJ – recently we had a nor’eastern that created TONS of flooding damaging lots and lots or areas; homes, roads, you get the idea.

Well long story short my fiance’s shop was drown under about 26″ of water. His $ 10,000 toolbox in turn was on the ground and his boss came to bail ALL employees toolboxs out SUNDAY when it was too late. (Storm was Friday, Saturday,Sunday,Monday – flooding started late Saturday) Now the smaller portion of his 2 piece toolbox was left on the floor – causing $ 3800 in damage to his electrical tools.

WHAT DO WE DO IF HIS BOSS DOESN’T WANNA REIMBURSE FOR HIS LOSS – not sure if he has flood insurance?????? Do we seek legal representation? Or what?

Thanks so much Everyone – any help would be appreciated – especially mechanics.
Well turns out that NOTHING actually was as damaged as anticipated!!

My fiance BTW was not unable to get to the tools post storm because ALL roads to enter the town he works in were completely flooded. The storm unexpectedly hit Jersey harded then we thought.

Thanks for all your help guys!!

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