What home loan interest rate can I expect?

Currently my FICO is 630, I have history of a bankruptcy 6 years ago, I make 80k a year, my only current debt is a 6k auto loan, oh and those dreaded 21k in student loans. I’m in California and 4 years ago I really wanted to purchase a home before the prices got to out of control but no bank would touch me despite a good career and down payment so my parents who had their home paid off got the loan for me and I’ve been paying the mortgage. Now 4 years later I’m ready to be an adult and do the right thing and get my home loan in my name even if it means a higher interest rate then the current 4.5%. With the equity I’ve established (my home is worth 380k and I owe 180k but thinking about borrowing 200k to pay the auto loan and do some home improvements) is it possible for me to get a decent interest rate with my train wreak credit history? Any insight would be appreciated, Kelly

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