What happens if the insurance company can not verify your story?

I open a claim with my insurance policy. There was a flood in my unit. I have not the building, but my walls were damaged due to floods inondations.Quand I say, I mean a leak from one of my aquariums. (This is an aquarium store) I had drywall replaced if another incident occurred, when it is covered by my personal property clause now, as a person who has locataire.La has improved the work of the drywall can not be contacted. I found it on Craigslist, we sent … and it did the job the following day. Now, three months later … my insurance company will try to communicate with him and all I have is one of his e-mail address. I gave them my e-mail correspondence with him, and they sent him an email and he responded by saying he did not want to be disturbed plus.Ce is not good enough. The repair of the building is like 1/5 of my total value of the claim, and I wondered what would happen if they fail to check in this situation? They have fixed this for the past 3 months.

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