What happens if sold from a mobile home?

Me and my friend bought a mobile home in Colorado. Purchased, not rented, so we pay a mortgage and costs a lot. My friend went out and got us simply can not afford any more. What happens if we abandon it. I am not paid after 28 days of the tax trailer parking lot to evict you. What happens to the loan of the trailer? Is it on credit? For how long? If we did that, we would do anything if this tax next year? If they re-sell trailers, we all still, or what comes from our standard loan? And nobody knows where to get professional answers to these questions? How should I consult a lawyer or someone else? DankDie Many lenders are the ones we do on mortgage payments, right? There is no way to contact them! I tried calling over 50 times I went back over 30 voice messages left, and nothing. This is all in the last month. And the office in the mobile home park do not help (even try). Not only that, but I do not think that keeping this place. I hate it and I can not afford. I can not sell them now.

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