What happens if I cannot pay my credit cards? My husband and I both lost our jobs and can barely pay rent.?

We owe about $ 30,000 in credit cards because we both lost our jobs two years ago.We have been in a downward spiral for the past two years and have incurred all the debt in that time. Just two years ago we were debt free and didn’t even owe on our car. We had to sell our car and buy another one while we still had good credit and we used that money to pay bills until it ran out. Now we are in way over our heads because we are still only making 1/2 of what we were before. Consumer Credit Counselling told us that we need to make $ 700 more per month before they will take us, but we are both already working full time and we have a family at home. We stopped paying our credit cards about 4 months ago. We are worrying about what legal actions these credit card companies can take. We don’t own our own home or any property. Can they guaranshee (sp?) our wages? Help!

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