What FIVE seeds would you order?

If you were new to it but wanted to order seeds online to grow and sell exotic plants from home, what five seeds would you start with for categories such as: flowers, vegetables, fruit, trees, etc.?

I would like to grow most in my home, however, it would be mostly in the basement and indoors where there is not a lot of light. I can also grow some in the back yard but there is also not a lot of sun there either (it’s in Lincoln, NE). Mostly it would be nice to start indoors in pots.

Anyway, I would like to order seeds and grow certain plants of various value and level of difficulty, however, they would have to be well-suited for the area and not require too much technology beyond what I can buy at the local stores to keep them alive. I don’t have a lot to invest but this is why I need your expertise: if you were to start with a very small budget but build up from the money you made selling the plants, what seeds would you buy?

Thank you!!

PS. Feel free to recommend resource sites or message boards too.

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