What does your credit score have to be for a USDA direct loan?

My husband and I were not really planning to buy a house, but found a foreclosure that we are REALLY interested in. (I know you have to be careful about work it might need done, etc, but I love this house.) We cannot get a conventional loan because the house is only $ 35,000 and most banks will not loan such a small amount. We are looking into a USDA loan because we would be first time home buyers, but really have no money down. Having said that, even with a 10 year mortgage the house payment would be about half of what we pay for rent. Our credit isn’t HORRIBLE. We are not late on any payments nor have we been in the last several years, we just have a few cards with high balances. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this and if I should get my hopes up for a USDA loan or not. Thanks!!

P.S. We do have 4 kids and we do meet the income guidelines, etc.

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