What does “Bad Credit OK” mean?

You know those banner ads and online click advertisements (on yahoo.com, for example!) that sell home mortgage or something? Most of them have a list somewhere of all the states, and you can click on yours to see “good rates” or something…Why do they always have “Bad Credit OK” on them in small letters near the bottom, as if it is a link you can click on, or something? I have thought of tons of different reasons for the presence of those words, including the possibility that they could give you good credit everywhere except Oklahoma, or that bad credit is okay with them, but these don’t seem that likely. If anyone knows, PLEASE let me know! Thanks!
Wow, I certainly said “or something” a lot in the explanation of this question, or something. heh…
OK, I think I’m understanding this… But what does it mean to have bad credit?

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