what do you think my chances of getting disability are??

i have a club foot where i cant bend my ankle ….also i cannot feel from my knee down……..i can only bend my knee in the shape of an L and no further…..i have a condition called ossification in my hip where i cannot bend my leg foward and barely back….i have leg length discrepancy….and my tailbone is offset where i cannot sit up straight….im in alot of chronic pain but cannot afford pain management and i have no insurance…..i have a colostomy ….and brain damage according to m.r.i. in my frontal lobe…..i use a cane to walk as i fall alot and it hurts……i have terrible neck and back , leg pelvic pains….terrible short term memory….i cannot put my shoes and socks on nor can i drive okay but i was in a car wreck june 30th of 2006 and aqquired all this and i think im about the best of my recovery im going to get ……is that more believealbe……or the fact that ive allready been denied twice more believable im in the administrative law judge stage and have to use a free clinin doctors to support my case in my later condition i was in a coma for about a month……also i am 1.2 million dollars in medical debt for not having insurance the car owners insurance would only pay 25k maximum policy ive had everything taken away from me and now have to live at my grandparents im 23 and they provide everything for me as they have for nearly 2 years now………i really need this disability to get my life back on track

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