What do we do about our mobile home?

10 years ago my wife and I eloped and bought a brand new doublewide mobile home in Tampa, FL. It sits in a nice mobile home park, but we pay rent on the land and have paid on our 30 year fixed mortgage faithfully ever since. We now have two children (a 7 week old and a 2-year old) and are really wanting to get into a house with the market being much more favorable to the buyer at this point. We have excellent credit, but our combined incomes are not allowing us to do more than keep up with the bills we already have. We tried to sell our home a couple years ago, but found that we owe about 10K more on it than comparables were selling for. So here is the question…how do we get out of our mobile home and into a house? We are finding good-sized decent houses in the mid-100’s, and we are currently paying just over 1000 per month on mortgage, rent, and insurance. We wish we had planned ahead ten years ago, but love does funny things. What can we do?

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