What do I tell countrywide when updating my financials?

I am behind on my mortgage and I have the sub prime/arm loan you hear about on the news. When I called C.W they wanted me to update my financial info. Do I make it like I break even every month or should I be up a certain amount of money. When I told them my finances, they calculated that I was negative per/month and said I didnt qualify for a modification. What should I say?

…is complete fiction?
That is the complete basis for the claim Democrats had anything at all to do with the mortgage meltdown.
They didn’t force the banks to make subprime loans – the banks did it themselves, and willingly and gladly once Bush deregulated Loan Bundling.
The “lawsuit” was only about making sure minorities got the same treatment as other people. It had absolutely nothing to do with sub-prime loans, or with the meltdown that followed after the Banks overextended themselves making risky loans on the public dime.
Can we set this AM radio/Fox TV/Neocon myth to rest please?
Robot – the Community Redevelopment had nothing to do with sub-prime loans.
You guys really need to put down the crack pipe on this one.
Just cause Fox said it was doesn’t mean it’s true.
In fact Fox saying something is usually pretty good evidence it’s NOT true when you look at the larger story.

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