What do I do if the landlord intentionally isn’t paying the mortgage?

I sent a letter to my landlord the other day asking for a copy of a mortgage statement. I live in Sacramento where there are a good amount of foreclosures. We know someone who was renting and paying their monthly rent to the home owner. Then they got a surprise when they were kicked out of the house because the mortgage hadn’t been paid in a long time and was being repoed by the bank. I don’t want to get in that situation.

Now, yesterday my landlord calls and leaves me a message. He tells me that he has no intention of selling the property but he went to his lawyer to see if he can renegociate a better payment. His lawyer told him to not pay the mortgage for 2 months. What is this all about? Should I look for a new place? The thing that strikes me as being odd is that he did actually tell me what is going on rather than saying that everything is fine.

Should I be extremely worried? Will a bank renegotiate terms on a rental property?

What should I do about my paying of rent for November and December if he never paid the mortgage for these months?

What about our security deposit?

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