What do I do if the debt management company doesn’t make a payment for me on time? Can I sue them?

In early 2006, I signed up with a company to consolidate my credit card debt. The full amount was around $ 12,000, and that’s spread out over six cards.

This year I started making a good bit more money, so, in May, I called the debt management company and asked if they’d take an EXTRA payment from me that month, as soon as possible, in order to knock off most of the debt on two credit cards.

I thought I was clear and repetitive, but somehow they managed to ONLY pay those two cards that month of May and none of the others.

Now Bank of America has told me that this has been negatively reported to the credit bureau.

The debt management company, who made the error, is telling me, in so many words, that it’s my fault and that there’s nothing they can do. They tell me to call Bank of America, while Bank of America just shrugs and says, “We just report what comes in and what doesn’t.”

I asked for a call back from a supervisor at the debt management company, but there’s been none since I started asking last week.

I threatened to sue them, and they told me, in so many words, that that is not an option.

Can someone make a mistake that injures your credit rating and not be held accountable? I never missed a payment until now.

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