What do I do? Found forged mortgage documents in my loan file Countrywide sent me.?

After learing about RESPA requests, I was able to receive a complete copy of my 1st mortgage loan closing documents and
lender package (I closed in April 2004).

After review of the documents, I was surprised to learn that the following documents were not signed by me because the signature is completely different than mine!!:

1.) Letter stating “the inquiries on my credit is due to looking for the best rate”
2.) Request for Copy of Transcript of Tax Form
3.) Truth In Lending Disclosure Statement
4.) Good Faith Estimate
5.) Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs
6.) Equal Credit Opportunity Act
7.) The Housing Financial Discrimination Act of 1977. Fair Lending Notice
8.) Mortgage Loan Origination Agreement
9.) Page 2 of Privacy Policy Disclosure
10.) Notice to Applicant of Right to Receive Copy of Appraisal Report

My guess is the loan broker I went to changed the original loan documents for the original lender, Ameriquest, and signed my name to
them without my knowledge. I’ve made a complaint to Countrywide and filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General. Is there anything else I can do? Is there any recourse? Should I file a police report? This is a clear cut case of fraud.

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