what determines whether a home is my primary residence or not?

I have two dwellings and have to maintain both for a period of months. One is a mobile home and not insured as it’s value is too low. The second is an inherited house that is for sale. I was told that I needed to put the address of that home on my driver’s license and start getting some mail there. Today the insurance agent said I needed to be “living” there. What does that mean?
If you are a long haul truck driver you know that you are out of town 5 nights a week. Does this mean that I only need to sleep over at this house 2-3 nights a week to be able to say I live there?
The home owner’s insurance is about $ 42 a month. A vacant policy would run about $ 200 a month.
Clearly I want this house to be my insured primary residence but it seems very vague based on what I am being told and as I examine different professions as to what the requirements are for me to say that “I’m living there.”
What are the requirements?
A certain number of hours per day or days per week?

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