What credit score is required to be a co-borrower for a mortgage?

I was wondering what credit score is required to access a mortgage with a co-borrower. I used to be at least 500, but that the world was old mortgage. In the market dried up today, requiring FICO ist.Und if that person more money than the borrower to Fico, the score will be used for the loan are not, or can it only for customer benefits into account? Thank you in advance many thanks for your answers. Maybe I did not word correctly. The borrower FICO is 622, but not with sufficient income to qualify. So they have a co-borrower, credit score is required by the co-borrower for them as income to increase the purchasing power of borrowers are.
Also what the best loan for a mortgage? Fixed? Flexible? I do not understand? She did not know you could? * Giggle *

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