What credit cards/and limits are usually awareded to upper/middle/lower income people? Is buying w credit ok?

I’ve had someone recently tell me that buying with credit cards, or having lots of them and always taking them out and swiping them will make people think you’re poor. I don’t understand that. What’s the logic behind that? lol.

Also, more importantly, since our society at least, in America, they hand out credit cards to everyone and their kids and dying mothers,

what credit cards are usually given to the upper, and then the middle, and then the lower income people, and what ballpark figure credit limits do each section of the income bracket get?

I’m wondering because my credit cards have limits that are all over the place, but I’m not sure what’s considered a low limit, what’s considered a high limit, and what’s in between?

Or does that more depend on your score and history of credit than it does with your income bracket?

Can someone elighten me here?

Do rich people get $ 100,000+ limits or something?

I’m not sure how this really works.

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