What complaints do you have about COD: Black Ops?

List in point form what things in Black Ops (Any system) that bother your or frustrate you the most.

Here are mine..

– Takes to long to kill enemies in Team Death match
(Yes I could resort to Hardcore but I don’t like how there is no HUD and no Map)

– The knifing system is screwy
(People still lunge through my gun shots and somehow dodge a direct knife stab)
(Also sick of how it takes many bullets to kill someone BUT a ballistic knife and tomahawk are instant death… doesn’t make to much sense in my opinion..)

– Connection issues (Lag) happens 1 out of 3 games I join

[ These are problems that happen to me.. complaints may vary from person to person but this is how I see the game and I have a good overall K/D spread/Ratio… I play for Xbox 360]

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