What college would you suggest for me?

Junior in High School
GPA 3.7
Honors Classes
National Honor Society
Varsity Tennis Player
Girl’s Tennis Manager
Part-time job
Academic Honors Diploma
Key Club (community service club)
Exchange Student for 2 months (almost fluent in Spanish)
Spanish Club
French Club

*Must be in or really close to a big city
*I live in INDIANA but the only college I’m interested in is IUPUI. Other states/cities I’m interested in are New York, Chicago, Florida, California
*Don’t really wanna go to a really small college, but size isn’t that important
*I don’t want to go to a college where my grades in high school didn’t even matter
*I don’t want to be in college debt for the rest of my life
*College Major Interests (something in the entertainment industry..for example maybe someone that helped out with the Ellen Degeneres show for a while, then maybe help out with the Emmy’s, or something along those lines. OR something with traveling around the world and learning about cultures/languages..my dream job would be working for MTV or the entertainment industry and being their person who travels around the world)

Anybody have ANY ideas? Throw out any that you think I might be interested in. PLEASEEEEEE

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