What can we do if the lender refuses to provide a good faith estimate within 3 days?

We write the loan application on January 15 and just received an estimate in good faith today (February 16), which is dated January 18 We have asked repeatedly for our mortgage representative estimates of closing costs, and he kept giving us random numbers from $ 4,200 to $ 5,000 high price we receive your GFE today (one month later), and it shows $ 3,630 for installation costs for a total of 6500th $ As we have just received this and have already paid to accept, we can not store more costs to the lender. We believe that their claim was extremely high fees and we hide, it was brought to another representative who told us that we are not paid in the neighborhood of $ 900 – $ 1200.Kas we have any recourse to their quantities extremely wrong because it does not give us this assessment within 3 days, when we asked for a loan and gave all the information necessary to make these estimates? We did not know to us within three days of information, because we are first time buyers. Whenever we asked, he told us he could not reach us until the evaluation, which was completed over 2 weeks. The first worksheet, we even got to him last week when he goes back to January 18 As was done with the EFG.

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