What can i write off on my house?

i bought a new house for 1/4 million in Florida September 2007, lived in it for 1 year, and moved to seattle in september 2008. The plan was to rent it the moment i left, but i still have not found a renter.

Therefore , for the past 8 months (Sep 2008 – Apr 2009) , i made my regular mortgage payments of 2000.00 Plus power/water to keep the grass watered @ 160.00 per month, plus 80.00 per month to keep the grass cut, plus $ 460.00 for HOA fees for the year.

I know I can write off close to 18,000 for the year of 2008 in Property Taxes, Interest and Insurance,

But can i write of anything in terms of it being a rental property, since i could not find a renter, and the house was vacant, it costed me a loss of $ 7000+ i payed for Sep-Dec 2008, in hopes of finding a renter?

Please advise.

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