What can he do about visitation with his child?

My boyfriend has a 5 year old daughter that was born in Tennessee. He is listed on the birth certificate as the father. He pays child support and health insurance. Originally he was ordered to have the child every Sunday. He and the mother were never together. He and I have been together for 6 years (since the mom was 2 months pregnant), so the child has known me all her life. However the mother has always been bitter toward both of us. 2 years ago she moved with her parents and his daughter to Pennsylvania. For the last 2 years things have been relatively civil and the mom cooperated to let us get the child for some holidays and some of the summer. Recently, however, there was a fight between me, the mother, my boyfriend, and mom’s new boyfriend. Since then she has threatened that he will never see his child again and that she’s getting a lawyer (although she doesn’t have a case, since the child is not mistreated by us in any way). Immediately following the fight, she stopped censoring what she says about the 2 of us to his child and needless to say, the child is going along with what mommy tells her. She wont call him anymore and when he calls, the daughter yells into the phone that she doesn’t want to talk to him. What should he do at this point? Can he get a new visitation schedule ordered by the court since technically the old one was violated? Will he or the mother be in trouble for not notifying child support or court that she was moving 2 years ago? Any advice regarding what his next move should be is greatly appreciated.
just to specify, he and I have a wonderful relationship with his daughter. She has never reacted this way toward him until after the mother got mad infront of her.

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