What are the things that might put you off, a loan modification to keep it?

I heard many things about the loan modification and not get clear answers to my question. I currently have a tax lien on my house, two months behind in my mortgage, make the same salary as when I bought the house 2 years ago. Am I eligible?
I have about $ 12.500 in taxes and the IRS is looking forward to the full payment. So much so that I have received notice of pending lien on our house and taxes on our accounts. You may be ready to make an arrangement (large) monthly payment, but said their interest rate is much more rigid than would be a debt consolidation lender interest rates. Even my old student loans back to the worst possible time to come ($ 6,500) and they want to pursue full payment immediately. I have other personal debts that I included in the monthly payment I want in the consolidation. I’m so desperate to save my house and all other debts satisfied. And I’m in a hurry. I’m in the process of loan modification with my lender in order to keep our dredging at home with my thumb … But the rest of this is seemingly impossible to resolve. Please can someone give me hope, tell me there is a lender that helps … Thank you.

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