What are the requirements for securing a loan for an investment condo?

I’m looking to buy a condo as an investment property and one thing I’m running into is the owner occupancy rate being too low in some of the communities. The current bank I have my mortgage with (i have just one home now with loan in good standing) requires a 90% owner occupancy rate for a conforming loan and 75% for an FHA loan. The properties I would like to consider are 60% and below. My questions are as follows:

1. Are there any banks that approve loans with owner occupancy < 60%? 2. What if I rent out my current home and move into the condo that I am to buy? I would be an owner occupying it, therefore would I be able to obtain a regular loan for it? 3. Does the owner occupancy rule apply to all sorts of sales - conventional/regular as well as short sales and foreclosures? Thanks.

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