What are the chances to get a mortgage?

I have a fico score of 750 and experian 726 . I don’t know the others. Anyways, i don’t have a long credit history only two years old. I make 50k a year and need to get a 30 year fixed rate home loan. I am looking into houses around 180k range ;however, don’t have any money saved so my parents will help me out for the down payment. I know i need 20% but i can only put 15k down.
So here is the question, what are the chances to get an approval. I am also a legal alien, and my company has agreed to get me a green card. I wasn’t worried about it before until recently, my credit line increase was declined! I was shocked, because i had zero late payments and didn’t have any problems before whatsoever. They declined my request due to my credit report and history??? I was very mad because i have an excellent credit. Reality slapped me in the face and now i know that having a good credit means nothing. How can i get a fricking home loan while i can’t even get a small credit line increase. Funny thing, i got an amex card right after getting mad at my bank and it came with no preset limit. So amex gave me a gold card, whereas my bank didn’t even wanna increase my limit. So what is the criteria? What are the chances to get a mortgage in this situation?

Meticulously- precise and painstaking: extremely careful and precise

Intriguing- interest somebody: to make somebody greatly interested or curious

Admonished- advise somebody: to advise somebody to do or, more often, not to do something

Raucous- noisy: characterized by loud noise, shouting, and ribald laughter

Sharecropping- tenant farmer: a tenant farmer who farms land for the owner and is paid a share of the value of the yielded crop

Reconstruction- put something back together: to put something back together from its component parts, pieces, or remains

Mortgage- loan installment to be repaid: the money paid by a borrower, usually monthly, to a lending organization until the entire sum borrowed by a mortgage agreement has been repaid

Morose- gloomy: having a withdrawn, gloomy personality

Tawny- orangey brown: of an orangey brown color tinged with gold

Sinewy- thin and strong: lean, tough, and muscular
A young, sinewy 20-year-old

Formidable- difficult to deal with: difficult to deal with or overcome

Ornate- excessively decorative: having elaborate or excessive decoration

Bootleg- deal in illegal goods: to make, transport, or sell illegal goods, especially illegally copied or recorded material

Resiliency- speedy recovery from problems: the ability to recover quickly from setbacks

Emitted- utter something: to utter a sound
She emitted a giggle

Inaccessible- difficult to get to: difficult or impossible to gain access to or reach

Embittered- make something worse: to make something more bitter or acrimonious

Relent- become less intense: to slacken or become less intense
My headache had finally relented.

Consult- ask for specialist advice: to ask for specialist advice or information, especially from a professional
If your symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

Engross- occupy somebody’s attention: to take up somebody’s whole attention
The children were palpably engrossed by the story.

Defiant- disobedient: deliberately and openly disobedient

Conspiratorially-betraying involvement in secret plot: indicating or betraying knowledge of or involvement in a conspiracy
They were conspiratorially whispering.

Murmuring- something said quietly: something said that is either very quiet or sounds indistinct
They were murmuring because they did not want to attract attention.

Hastened- do something immediately: to do or say something without delay, often in order to correct what might otherwise be a misleading impression
“But she’s perfectly all right,” Marcus hastened to add.

Attired- dress: to dress yourself or somebody else, especially in clothes of a particular type

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