What are the chances of my loan after being denied previously approved with the following information?

We estimated a house and a contract for the purchase price of $ 129,900 $ 135,000 to the lender. The seller has to agree to $ 7k in closing costs and is included in the price paid. We make $ 67k combined (its 35k, 32k) I am at my job for 9 years and have just started, but was at his previous school for 3 years (they moved). We have 10k in bank reserves and our debt to income mortgage and all bills will be 33%. The kicker is their credit score is 573 (average of the three credit bureaus) mine 710 (same mean). He arrived very late payments on their behalf and some collections, however, when she was married, I pay for collections to buy them. We were already approved and said that our speed stuck at the lady, we would get a better rate if you do go to my data, but we need her income to get to our home is 5.75%. We submitted everything they requested, before our rate was locked in and my loan officer said he did not see anything cause the insurer to deny us … I trusted him and wishes to be closed Aug. 21. We have over $ 1500 in testing, inspection and pay serious. I read most of the banks not to someone with a credit rating of approval 620. Does anyone have someone or something similar who was in a similar situation, have approved? I am a bit off, to say the least, and he aspires to panic.
I only 30K one year 24, have a credit history of 5 years / 4.5 avg with 1 to 30 days delay of nearly 4 years. 2 accounts in the amount of renewable 3K and 6.5K for a car loan is a half course. No mortgage or memory cache. rent 500/month … 150 … Active Auto CC / gas card (paid in full) use of low minimum payments. My score is 729 Equifax, which is very good, but not included in circulation. My question is how exactly a total turnover of I based on my income? Because you should stay below 10% capacity … as high as possible, but how much of what is reasonable in the context should be taken?

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