What are the best mortgage companies for refinance in the DFW, Texas area?

A few years ago my stupid husband got a bad refinance loan – really bad, I don’t even want to admit the interest rate. He got in over his head with our credit cards, didn’t tell me, and looked for a way to get it together and picked the mortgage to cash out. I was a young wife who went along with it and signed the papers at closing, very pissed off. So I woke up and took over the finances and now our credit is great and I want to get rid of this horrid subprime loan. It pisses me off every time I pay the mortgage.

So…I began this process last year was lied to about locking in the rate after I paid $ 400 to lock it and so I abruptly stopped the refinance. This was a company I found through Lending Tree. So I want to do this with a decent company, preferably a mortgage company not some middle man mortgage broker. Does anyone have a recommendation? I just don’t know how to research to find a good one.

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