What are some things I should when moving from my parents’ house?

To begin, I do not move on any time soon, I’m 19 years old. I just started to think about it because my 26 years old, left a friend of his house when he was 22 or 23, and got his own appartement.Je’m in school right now, and now I will graduate in a make physics. I start my second semester of college, was working on my first year of college présent.Je time partiel.J ‘have $ 1500 to banque.Cela took me four months to save, I n “before I have (my money for food Especially when I’m at work), gas and Fitness issues, and some other stuff for fun … (Of course, some of them will have to cut down a bit). Part I a car with my sister, so that, if I get a flat, I’ll get a loan for a car, insurance and other things. I do not know if I have all the hand-me meubles.Que apply? If I go to a local university, what should I note? Should I plan to go to work full time, and the school late at night and I can be a full time student and full time worker I work, I find my personal health is important … What should I be, if I may ? do I want to save to start planning the move now, and and buy as much as I can and when I finally go, but only additional thing I want is marcher.La to add that my friend who is 26 years old I’ve recently been friends with him a month ago. we are in fact gay and met on a dating site, to be honest … but to get to this point, I have never spoken to him about it, and more bits of personal questions, if he moved. So, I thought, in a few years if we are still friends, and we are close, I was wondering if I should I ask her to be his roommate because he currently lives alone … what would a return and the rate of early? minimum wage, if I am, I should probably work 50 hours a week … if I could, maybe two jobs … What jobs do I need sure will have a good rate of pay and how many hours?

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